© nell sherman & silken weinberg

© nell sherman & silken weinberg

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© seannie bryan

RUNNNER, the Los Angeles-based band, has quickly become of the best kept secrets in their music scene today. Helmed by Noah Weinman (who plays guitar for Worn-Tin and Natalie Green, as well as trumpet for DAISY) and Nate Lichtenberger (percussion/FX for Thumpasaurus), the band fuses electronic and experimental elements into their ragged, heart-on-your-sleeve folk-rock. A sound they somewhat facetiously refer to as “Bandcamp songs for Soundcloud kids.”

“We start with these honest, bedroom-folksy songs,” Weinman said. “Then we just start adding like 808’s and weird found-sounds and pretty soon it’s something totally new and exciting.”

Awash, their debut record, crept its way through the city’s independent scene; winning over fans for their equal parts wry and devastating takes on heartbreak, loneliness, grilled chicken, and minor medical procedures. With expressive live shows supporting indie stars such as Half Waif and Field Medic, and recently touring with Yoke Lore, Runnner have garnered a tight-knit and passionate fan base. 

Filling out the rest of the band is Rosie Tucker on bass, Evan Rasch on guitar, Dan Rasch on keys, and Ben McPeek & Jordan Leicht on saxophones.

They recently released the first single “Eggshell” off of their upcoming EP, Fan On which was recorded and mixed in their garage and mastered by Warren Hildebrand (Alex G, Foxes in Fiction), due out on June 7th.

monochrome (live in los angeles)

urgent care (meditation sessions)

awash (official video)

bodysurfing (official video)

eggshell (live on balcony tv - los angeles)

©linda gao

©linda gao

©linda gao

©linda gao

“the wide array of influences in runnner’s music meld to structure a sound so endearingly original it has to be believed”

- the wild honey pie

“the breezily reflective folk pop of Pinegrove meets the kitchen-based everyday introspection of early Trace Mountains”

- various small flames

"runnner serves up sharp, intricately layered indie rock with inventively syncopated polyphonic textures"

- the deli magazine

"calamitous swells of instrumentals take over, as if one is pounding ferociously but purposefully, creating a sound that's indescribable"

- the grey estates

awash - what the sound's top 50 albums of 2017

deli magazine LA - artist of the month / december 2017

© nell sherman & silken weinberg

© nell sherman & silken weinberg




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